Are you located in the United States?

- Yes, we are located in Las Vegas, NV

Are your products made in America?

We source our products and "blank" garments from multiple domestic and international vendors and suppliers.

Since we buy from multiple vendors and suppliers, each product will have its own source of origin labeled with an attached product tag showing the source of where the original product was made/manufactured.

The original un-printed/embroidered blank garments are sourced from international and domestic suppliers.

In our effort to keep as many jobs as possible inside the USA, our blank garments/items that are purchased internationally are shipped to the USA to be printed, embroidered, laser engraved, tagged, and bagged all inside the USA. This process is commonly known as "white-labeling." We also source USA made blank garments when possible.

LT Apparel will purchase the "blank" garments from a supplier (typically a USA-based supplier that has the hats in stock) and then ship them to a business inside the USA to have the LT brand, logo, or design embroidered on them.

The same example goes for tee-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and crop tops. LT Apparel purchases blank garments from well-known suppliers such as Independent Apparel, American Apparel, Next Level, AS Colour and others. These manufacturers make their blank products in countries such as Colombia, Bangladesh, and other countries around the world. However, we do our best to avoid international sourcing when possible. LT Apparel will purchase these products from a USA based wholesaler, and ship them to facilities in the USA where the garments will be printed on, embroidered, labeled, tagged, and bagged before being fulfilled to our customers. With all these touch points being done inside the USA, this allows us to label our garments as "Produced In The USA with Imported Materials."

To find out more about the requirements for products to be labeled as "Made in the USA" please reference the FTC guidelines here:



What are your payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards, and PayPal.

What is your exchange process?

Please contact our support team at: and read and review our Return Policy for more details.

Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed?

If your items have not shipped, we can make changes to your order. 
Please contact our support team at to submit your request

Why is my tracking showing in pre-shipment?

If your tracking status is showing as "Pre-Shipment" this means we are currently fulfilling your order. Please allow up to 7 business days for us to fulfill your order before we ship it out.


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